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 i don't know how yall see it but when it comes to the children Clock Crew is for the children, we teach the children you know what i mean pico is good but CLOCK CREW IS THE BEST ok i want yall to know that this is SLURPEECLOCK and I LOVE U ALL


o wait u can't XD

nah im just playing you're ok


hey newgrounds you a nerd lol fuckin nerd. happy clock day lol

youd probably bet that after all this time somebody would have? but nope

makes u think.....

its weird that nobody makes good flash

mostly I just take audio from movies and then animate clocks over it it's not really that impressive

it'd be cool if I made good flashes

murder farts and pizza titties. no, pizza boner!

2010-02-26 13:34:38 by joeneato

wieners wieners wieners

murder farts and pizza titties. no, pizza boner!

I mean, I like them, anyway.

purple haaaaze galanga langa lang lang

ching chong ping

2009-04-01 02:11:42 by joeneato

five dorra??

its no good, I can't maneuver!!!

stay on target..